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The Cue Collector's Guide

We have published a 64 page e-book called "The Cue Collector's Guide".

The Cue Collector's Guide is an invaluable resource for any one who is interested in antique billiards and snooker cues made in the British Empire during the period from 1867 to 1967. 

The current edition contains a comprehensive summary of the results of cue auctions over the period from December 2005 to June 2013.   These results are set out, over 62 pages, in an easy-to-use table format showing:

(a)the type of cue;

(b)the number of auctions;

(c)the average price;

(d)the median price;

(e)the highest price;

(f)the lowest price;

(g)the mid-point price; and

(h)if applicable, the most common price.

The Cue Collector's Guide is based on the results of thousands of auctions and contains prices for hundreds of types of antique or collectable cues.  It will become the definitive reference book for valuing antique cues made in the British Empire.

It has taken 8 years to compile The Cue Collector's Guide.  It costs just 20GBP and is delivered as a PDF document to your e-mail address.

If you would like a copy of The Cue Collector's Guide, please e-mail:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Feedback for The Cue Collector's Guide

"'s evident to me just how much effort has gone into compiling the source."

"Great service and a very useful item, many thanks, would highly recommend."