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Our Contact Details
Andy Hunter and I am happy to try to answer any questions you might have about antique cues.
Our e-mail addresses are as follows:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Information We Need
If you wish us to identify or value an antique cue, or simply provide you with information about it, we would suggest you send us:
(a)a photo showing the butt of the cue;
(b)a close up of the badge;
(c)a close up of the weight stamp;
(d)a close up of the tip;
(e)photos of any noticeable marks, damage or flaws (eg initials or engraving or chips missing from the wood); and
(f)a close up of the square or round peg in the bottom of the cue,
together with the following details:
(g)the length of the cue (in inches);
(h)the diameter of the tip (in millimetres);
(i)anything you might know about the history of the cue (eg who owned it); and
(j)some general comments about its condition (in particular, is it straight?).
The more photos and information you can provide, the better.  Please try to take good, in focus photos. 
Most digital cameras have a special function (it looks like a small stylised flower) which will enable you to focus on close ups.  You should use this.
Both Andy and I can get busy, so we won't always be able to respond immediately, but we will make an effort to reply as soon as we are able to find the time.

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