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The Cue Collector - My Wanted List
My Wanted List

I am interested in antique billiards and snooker cues made before 1970 as well as other billiards and snooker memorabilia, especially old trade catalogues which detail cues.  if you can help, you should feel free to contact me. 

Cues I am After

Here are some particular cues that I am after:

Tom Carpenter Ally Cue
Walter Lindrum Picture Badge
Walter Lindrum Royal Cue
Walter Lindrum Facsimile Cue (1417 Break)
The Nelson Yorkshire Champion Cue
Tom Reece World Record Cue 1907/1911 Breaks
John Roberts Picture Badge
Sidney Smith Gold Cup Snooker Record Cue
Willie Smith Record Break Limited Edition Cue
Stevenson Champion Cue (Cox & Yeman)
B&W Stevenson Champion Cue (Patented Secret Joint)
Tom Taylor Balance Cue
Joe Davis Record Break Cue (EJ Riley Bell Badge)(any break)
The Perfect Peall Facsimile Cue
Tom Newman 1827 Break Cue
Any good JP Mannock cues
Any Joe Davis cues (with breaks before 147)
Any old badged Alcock Cues, especially an Alcock Cook Cue or Stevenson Cue

Burroughes & Watts' "Billiards & Snooker Teasers"

I am also after the following copies of the Burroughes & Watts' "Billiards & Snooker Teasers":

1st edition
2nd edition
3rd edition
6th edition (1948-49?)