The Cue Collector - Antique Billiards or Snooker Cues indexed by Manufacturer or Retailer Antique Cues (By Company)
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The Cue Collector - Antique Cues (By Company)
This page lists antique cues by company.  A cue is listed under the names of two companies if it was manufactured by one company and retailed by another.   Click on the name of an antique cue to see pictures of that cue.
Alcock & Co (Australia)
Burroughes & Watts
E.J. Riley Limited
George Wright & Co
Charles Parker & Sons
H.J. Davis & Co
Spencer's Billiard Works
Peradon & Co
Barton McGill & Co (New Zealand)
Blackpool Billiard Works
Cox & Yeman
John Roberts & Co
Ashcroft & Co
G. W. Briggs Harrogate
Heiron & Smith (Australia)
Imperial Billiard Table Co (Australia)