Spencer's Special Match Cue Spencers Special Match Cue
© 2007 - Gordon Radford
The Cue Collector - Spencer's Special Match Cue
The Spencer's Special Match Cue is an example of a cue that has been included in the collection because the badge is visually attractive or interesting. 

The cue has an ebony butt, with a birds eye maple front-splice, handspliced onto an ash shaft.

Spencers refers to Spencers Billiards Works Ltd of Bristol.  I understand that this company operated during the 1940s and 1950s.  They were represented on the Trades Advisory Committee of the Billiards Association and Control Council.  I do not know much more about them.

The Spencer's Special Match Cue was apparently at the top of their range of cues.
circa 1940-1950