Walter Lindrum 3262 Break Cue '29 Lindrum - Walter Lindrum 3262 Break Cue 1929
© 2007 - Gordon Radford
The Cue Collector - The '29 Lindrum
This cue is a Lindrum 1929 World's Record Break Cue, more often known simply as a '29 Lindrum.  It has an ash shaft on an ebony butt.

The cue commemorates Walter Lindrum's break of 3262, which was a world record at the time it was made in December 1929.

Walter Lindrum exceeded the break soon after and set the world record of 4,137 in 1932.   This world record, which still stands today, is commemorated on another, very similar cue.

This cue was manufactured by Peradon & Co.
circa 1930-1940