William Cooks Facsimile Cue William Cooks Facsimile Cue
© 2007 - Gordon Radford
The Cue Collector - William Cook's Facsimile Cue
This is a William Cook Facsimile Cue.  It has an ash shaft with a massive hand-spliced ebony butt.  The butt has a circumference of 5 inches.

The badge appears to have been made of whalebone or something similar.  It states that the cue is a facsimile of the cue used by William Cook (Senior).

The cue was made by J Ashcroft & Co of Liverpool, at some time in the period from 1884 to the late 1890s.

Interestingly, Ashcroft & Co employed William Cook's son, William Cook Junior, as a billiards tutor at the start of his professional career in the 1890s.
circa 1880-1890