Ye Olde Ash Ye Olde Ash Cue - 2nd Edition
© 2007 - Gordon Radford
The Cue Collector - Ye Olde Ash (2nd Edition)
This is a second edition Ye Olde Ash.  It has an ash shaft on a macassar ebony butt.

The second edition Ye Olde Ash was made by Burroughes & Watts from the 1930s until approximately 1955.  It was the top of the Burroughes & Watts range, described in their own literature as the "cue aristocrat" (although it was not their most expensive cue - that privilege was reserved for the Mannock). 

The first edition Ye Olde Ash is very rare.  Burroughes & Watts claim to have used old ash from His Majesty's shipyards to make the shaft of the first edition.  The shaft on a first edition Ye Olde Ash has a deep dark reddish-brown colour, which is not evident on the second edition.

Burroughes & Watts still used older ash in the second edition Ye Olde Ash.  Their trade literature claims that the shafts of second editions were made from 50 year old ash.
circa 1940-1950