The Eureka Cue The Eureka Cue (1st Edition)
© 2007 - Gordon Radford
The Cue Collector - The Eureka Cue (1st Edition)
This is a first edition Eureka Cue. It has a hand-spliced stripey ebony butt, with four hand-spliced pieces of tulipwood.

The Eureka Cue was one of the best known cues manufactured by Burroughes & Watts.  Eureka Cues were produced for a period of almost 35 years, from about 1933 through to 1967, when Burroughes & Watts ceased business.

The Eureka Cue was one of the first cues sold with a metal ferrule already fitted.  The Burroughes & Watts trade catalogues proclaimed that the ferrule was "designed to take, without stress, the impact of forcing shots".
When Burroughes & Watts ceased production of the Ye Olde Ash cue in the mid 1950s, the Eureka Cue became the second most expensive cue in the Burroughes & Watts range.
circa 1930-1940