Peall Record Cue The Peall Record Cue
  © 2007 - Gordon Radford
The Cue Collector - The Peall Record Cue
This is an example of a Peall Record Cue.  It has a plain ebony butt hand-spliced onto an ash shaft.  The badge is ivory.   

The Peall Record Cue commemorates the break of 3,304 made by William J Peall in a match against Charles Dawson at the Royal Acquarium on 6 November 1890.

Peall was a great exponent of the "spot stroke", whereby the red is potted from the pyramid spot.  His break of 3,304 was compiled through groups of consecutive spot strokes, broken up by other strokes to regain position. 

The groups of spot stroke runs were 92, 3, 151, 123, 172, 120 and then 400 consecutive pots - a total of 3,183 points out of the total break of 3,304 points. 

The break occupied 2 hours and 40 minutes of actual play - an average of slightly more than 1,200 points per hour.

The Peall Record Cue was made by Peradon & Co. during the period from 1890 through to the 1930s.  The example shown in the photographs is an earlier example, with an ivory badge.  Later examples had badages made from bakelite or composition.

circa 1890-1900