Newman Facsimile Cue Tom Newman 1024 Break Cue
© 2007 - Gordon Radford
The Cue Collector - Tom Newman 1024 Facsimile Cue
This is a Tom Newman 1024 Facsimile Cue.  It has an ash shaft hand-spliced onto a macassar ebony butt.

The Tom Newman Facsimile Cue commemorates  Tom Newman's first thousand break, which was also a world record at the time.

The break was made on 6 May 1921 in a match against Fred Lawrence at New Burroughes Hall in London.  Tom Newman was 27 years of age.

Newman broke this record, some 19 months later, in December 1922.

The cue was manufactured by Burroughes & Watts, in either 1921 or 1922.
circa 1920-1930