Tom Newman 1370 Champion Cue Tom Newman 1370 Champion Cue
© 2007 - Gordon Radford
The first advertisements for this cue seem to have appeared in "The Billiard Player" in October 1926.

The cue is likely to have been manufactured by Peradon & Co in the period from 1924-1930. 

The example shown has a presentation plaque idicating that it was made around 1930.
The Cue Collector - Tom Newman 1370 Champion Cue
This is a Tom Newman 1370 Champion Cue.  It has an ash shaft hand-spliced onto an ebony butt with a paduke frontsplice.
Like the Tom Newman 1370 Facsimile Cue, this cue commemorates the world record billiards break which Tom Newman made in November 1924.
circa 1930-1940