Walter Lindrum 1932 World's Record Break Cue '32 Lindrum - Walter Lindrum 4137 Break Cue 1932
© 2007 - Gordon Radford
The Cue Collector - The '32 Lindrum
This cue is a Lindrum 1932 World's Record Break Cue, more often known as a '32 Lindrum. 

The cue is very similar to the '29 Lindrum.  It has an ash shaft with an ebony butt.

The badge records the world record 4,137 break made by Walter Lindrum in a 1932 against Joe Davis.

Like the '29 Lindrum, this cue was manufactured by Peradon & Co.

To read more about Lindrum cues,                      and scroll down to the article about Walter Lindrum published in November 1998.
circa 1930-1940